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This is a terrific book. Whether you are just starting, or even if you have been in business already but realize you may not have a firm foundation to build on, this book is packed full of useful, practical, expert advice. A valuable tool to start, grow and increase your business. A wise investment that I highly recommend.
Dana Sonia
Owner, Gift Baskets by Your Design

Dana S.

This book is an excellent resource for ANY business. I received it from a friend and used the tips and ideas to launch my business and it has nothing to do with Gift Baskets. Great tips thank you so much for sharing!

Montina P.

Why I Wrote This Book for You

Shirley George Frazier explains

Diane S.

I have just purchased your Gift Basket Design Book as well as the How to Start a Gift Basket Business Book…..They are FANTASTIC!!!! So much important information that I am taking notes on a legal pad (I don’t want to mark up the books) so that I can try and remember everything.

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Who is the Typical Customer?

When I began selling gift baskets in 1989, I had a simple marketing strategy – simple because I did not do my research.

My target market had three characteristics: They 1) walked, 2) talked, and 3) called occasionally to buy a basket. Since parrots and some robots fit two thirds of this brilliant equation, my unsuspecting sabotage kept sales slim to none. So much for that strategy.

Every industry has a core group of loyal buyers, and gift baskets are no exception. Earlier I introduced you to some of the industry statistics. Now let’s review the five main buying groups…

Shirley George Frazier

About Shirley

Shirley George Frazier is recognized as a best-selling author, popular speaker on small business and marketing topics, and the world’s authority on the gift basket industry.

In business since 1990, Shirley is president and CEO of Sweet Survival LLC. She helps creative people and aspiring business owners to create a great life for themselves and their families by turning their passion into a fun and rewarding pastime or business.

Shirley’s books include:

  • How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business
  • The Gift Basket Design Book
  • Marketing Strategies for the Home-Based Business

as well as several business, marketing, and college success e-books. Her gift basket books are the industry’s best sellers, helping thousands of gift designers to open home-based and retail stores selling gift baskets to individuals, corporations, churches, and associations worldwide.

As a professional speaker, Shirley conducts seminars at small business development centers, gift industry trade shows, blog conferences, and consumer events. She provides small business and marketing advice on CNBC, New York’s Fox Channel 5, LiveWell Network, and Food Network; and publishes articles in Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Spare Time Magazine, and Opportunities Magazine.

Shirley also writes business articles online for,, and; and is quoted in Associated Press, CNN Money, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur Magazine, Gift Shop Magazine, The Orange County Register, New York Newsday, Washington Post, and worldwide publications.

When Shirley’s not traveling, she consults with small business clients, experiments with food recipes, and plays daily with her twin Yorkshire Terriers, Mae and Pepi.

For more information or to invite Shirley George Frazier to your next event, visit her website at or contact her at 800-640-8521.

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