What Does Your Business Name Say to Customers?

Did you choose the words gift baskets as part of your official business name?

If so, you’re not alone, and the same is true if your business name does not include the words gift baskets.

Here are three examples of each.

  • Brenda’s Gift Baskets
  • Gift Baskets by Misha
  • Gift Baskets with You in Mind
  • A Tisket A Tasket
  • Tokens of Appreciation
  • Made Especially For You

My decision to not include gift baskets as part of my name is one of my best business decisions. I knew my business would change over time to expand my offerings beyond gift baskets. My chosen name tells customers that whatever gift they want is available through me, whether that gift is packaged in a basket, a tote bag, or wrapped in cellophane.

Chapter 3’s Home Office and Workspace Setup and Structure in the gift basket book uncovers many reasons why your business name choice is important.

Chapter 3 also covers:

  • Trademarking your business name
  • Registering your business with government officials
  • Collecting sales tax
  • Choosing an accountant and attorney
  • Organizing your workspace
  • Projecting a professional image

Most of all, the right name for your gift basket business is the one that you’ll be proud to say every time you meet someone new.

If you’re just starting a business, what name are you considering?
If you’re up and running, why did you choose the name printed on your business cards?