How to Carefully Select Gift Basket Products

What are the first products you plan to buy to make gift baskets?

While sitting in a dentist’s chair, before the appointment began, a tooth mold sitting on the countertop got my attention. It looked like a clever container, one that a customer would buy for a youngster before he or she went to the dentist for the first time.

A toothbrush, stickers, and a book on what happens in a dental office would be part of the items inside the tooth container. Oh yes, I had high hopes for this unique gift, starting with using a container instead of a basket!

But then I came to my senses. Come on, who’s going to buy a tooth mold?

That’s when I started focusing on what customers will buy, not what I wanted to sell them (there’s a big difference). That’s what you have to consider as well when starting and growing your gift basket business, which is explored long and hard in chapter 4 of the gift basket book entitled Selecting Your Inventory.

The last thing you want to buy is something that won’t sell, so the chapter guides you to make wise decisions before bringing snacks and gifts into your design studio.

Review that chapter several times before you buy anything, and be sure to check out the sample buying chart on pages 104 and 105 to map out your own buying strategy ahead of time.