How to Sell Gift Baskets in Someone Else’s Store

If you’re a gift basket maker who happens to be home based, you may be looking for opportunities to promote your gift baskets in a retail facility.

One way to do this is to sell your gift baskets on consignment.

This process places your gift baskets into a retail store owned by another person who receives a percentage of the sale when your product sells.

That’s an option I wanted and found with good results.

A woman who owned a flower shop in my town invited me to offer my gift baskets in her store. I set the terms of sale, which was that she’d receive 15 percent of the retail cost when the each gift basket sold. The owner agreed.

The gift baskets sold quickly especially because they were made for Valentine’s Day. Still, teaming up with the flower shop owner was great experience and a good money maker.

As we continued working together, I kept learning many pros and cons to keep our relationship going. Here’s one example from each category.

Pro: Constant newspaper advertising by the owner brought more people to the shop, which increased sales.

Con: Customers constantly mishandled the gift basket’s outer wrapping, and I had to keep replacing it.

What do you think about selling on consignment? It’s a topic that’s explained in detail in chapter 7, Advertising and Promotion, of the gift basket book.

I explain what consignment is all about, what type of agreement is required for a good outcome, and share four tips on the best places to set up consignment sales.

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