How to Secure Your Online Gift Basket Identity

Why is it a wise idea to buy several domain names to create your gift basket website when your personal name can be spelled in different ways?

The answer: to protect your business’s online identity.

Suppose your name is Cathy or Karen and your gift basket business name contains your personal name, such as Gift Baskets by Cathy or Karen’s Gift Baskets.

Both names have spelling differences. If Cathy purchases the domain and someone else purchases, how will customers know which one is you if they don’t know how you spell your name?

This topic is explored in great detail in Chapter 7, Advertising and Promotion, in the gift basket book available through this link. It’s a subject that’s incredibly important to make sure all possible roads lead to your online business.

The price to register a domain name is worth the investment. Think about all of the options before settling on just one.

Once your website is up and running, a website review will let you know if anything about the site requires updating or if something’s been overlooked. You’ll find information about that service on this website review page, which is a service specifically for gift basket industry participants.

What problems have you had creating and promoting your gift basket business’s online identity?