How Do You Get Paid for Making Gift Baskets?

If you’re just starting to design gift baskets and are making them part time or full time, you may be thinking the way I did back in 1990.

I just want cash, that’s all, no checks and definitely no credit cards!

While cash is what you probably prefer, people who buy gift baskets have other ideas.

So, your decision to accept or reject other forms of payment depends on your answer to three questions:

  • Are you delivering the gift basket or shipping it out of town?
  • Are you willing to request compensation from the customer if the check bounces?
  • Are you ready to pay the fees associated with credit card acceptance so you can get more orders?

Accepting payments is a huge topic, so huge that it’s the main subject of Chapter 9 in How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business. Checks, Balances, and Payments covers every imaginable type of transaction, including getting paid online, which is easy and affordable today whether you make one gift basket or 100.

The book is available through this link, and with it, you receive catalogs and other materials to get you started so you can collect lots of cash and other forms of payment.

Pricing your gift baskets is another subject, one that will be discussed in great detail during an upcoming teleseminar.

Visit this link at to learn more about the November 10 by-phone event, including a free 20-minute preview call on Monday, November 8.

What’s your favorite method of getting paid when you make a gift basket?