Can You Sell Gift Baskets on Consignment?

When you start making gift baskets, one component you may not have in order to sell them is a storefront where people can see and touch each one.

Showcasing your gift baskets inside of another person’s retail store may be the ticket to selling them quickly to an audience you might not have access to in any other way.

Chapter 7 of How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business explains all about consignment sales and how it can become a lucrative part of selling your gorgeous baskets.

It’s a method I added to my business with lots of success, working with several retail businesses at different times of the year and receiving a portion of the sales when each one sold.

As with other parts of the gift basket industry, there are problems that can occur, and many of those problems and solutions are outlined in the book.

What do you think about selling your gift baskets on consignment? Which store in your neighborhood will you approach first?