What’s Your Favorite Gift Basket Occasion?

Whether you buy gift baskets or make them, there’s probably a special event or occasion in your life that’s associated with receiving or giving a gift basket.

There’s a good chance that such an event started when you were young. Think back to Easter. That’s a special occasion when many of us were introduced to a basket filled with treats and snacks based around a mythical bunny.

I remember helping my mom send my sister all around the house, hunting for note after note to find her basket filled with jelly bean and Peeps. It was lots of fun seeing her run all over the place and then showing her prize along with a big smile.

My sister’s happiness is an example of what makes giving and receiving gift baskets a wonderful experience that we all want to share with family and friends.

So, as part of your New Year’s resolutions to become all you can be next year, save some room on your list for bringing more joy to the people in your life by making more gift baskets than you made this year.

I’ll not only make more, I’ll also share all of my talents and skills with you at gift basket classes listed on the GiftBasketClass.com site. One event is scheduled in Washington, DC in March, and lots more are planned, so bookmark the GiftBasketClass.com site for upcoming details.

Here’s wishing you baskets of success in 2011!


  1. That is a great question! I must say that Valentine and Mother’s Day are my favorite, but adding to Mother’s Day I wanted to create a Sister ‘s Day and Women’s Day Basket.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Your two favorites are also mine, and I’m sure many gift basket makers can say the same.

    I think it’s terrific that you want to create these two new events for gift basket giving, and why not? The world can use two more positive days to celebrate!

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