Start the Year with a Renewed Commitment to Make Gift Baskets

by Shirley George Frazier

When a new year begins, you start thinking about the beautiful gift baskets you want to make as a hobby for special events or as a business to make money from your talent.

Just imagine: you’re in a unique and creative space choosing a basket, adding shred, and organizing foods and gifts inside the container for that special person.

Can you see yourself having fun, lowering stress, and being creative?

That’s how I began making gift baskets. I share my story with you in the gift basket book’s introduction, but what’s even better, I provide you with a blueprint in each of the 12 chapters to craft your own story and expand your happiness through gift basket making.

Click this button to hear the book’s introduction in audio format, read by me. It’s my gift to you to start or re-start your love of gift basket making. Then buy the book today through this link.

This is going to be your year to create gorgeous gift baskets for everyone in your life.

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