Cash is Best When Selling Gift Baskets, But How Else Can You Get Paid?

I was sweating the first time I presented my gift baskets to lots of people attending an outdoor summer event.

The perspiration didn’t come from the warm temperature. My forehead was drenched because I feared a sale. Yes, feared it!

  • What if a customer wants to pay with a $100 bill? I don’t have change, and what if the bill is phony?
  • What if someone wants to pay by check? How do I know it’s not fraud or will bounce?
  • What if a person pulls out their credit card? I have no way of charging it.

Can you imagine doing all that work, packing gift baskets in your car, setting up the display, unpacking the car, and then being scared that someone will actually like what they see, like it enough to buy it, and you don’t want to sell because you’re scared of receiving payment?

That feeling happened to me in 1990 when I first started making and selling gift baskets. All of the options available now that simplify the sales process weren’t available then. I look back on those times, shake my head, and smile about how I thought making money was going to be so hard. It wasn’t then, and it definitely isn’t now.

Chapter 9 of the gift basket book goes into detail about getting paid. It discusses receiving cash, checks, and processing credit cards. There’s also information on how to set up payments online.

Best of all, the chapter includes a what-to-do checklist that I created for myself to make sure every payment detail was in order before the customer gets the gift basket.

Thankfully, my customers were confident in me and loved my designs enough to buy. Wow, all that sweating for nothing.

You can read about Checks, Balances, and Payments in Chapter 9 in the book available through this link. You’ll also receive catalogs and other resources materials, and I promise that instead of sweating, the book will bring a cool breeze of confidence to your life.