Beautiful Gift Baskets Happen When You Try and Try Again

When you create a gift basket, is the design set in stone, never to be tampered with, or do you return to that basket to figure out how to make it even more beautiful than the first time?

I bet you’re just like me, eagerly returning to that gift basket to see how you can enhance the style by moving a snack item more to one side or positioning an enhancement elsewhere so it’s noticeable.

Reviewing and revising designs is a huge part of gift basket making. It’s what shapes both your expertise and long-term skill with this fabulous art form.

That’s why, when new gift basket designers ask me if there is only one way to make a gift basket, I say “No!” without hesitation. You usually start your design skills by following the gift baking-making tutorial in Chapter 5 of the gift basket book and then expand your artistry from there adding more foods, gifts, and enhancements as you build your confidence.

It’s similar to making a cooking dish for the first time. You begin by following the instructions in a precise manner. After you know what to expect, you begin adding other ingredients so that you thorough enjoy the experience.

If you’re ready to make your first gift basket, start with the step-by-step instructions in the How To book’s Chapter 5, Gift Basket Design Tips and Techniques. The book is available through this link, and you’ll also receive catalogs and other helpful get-started materials. Then return here and let me know how it felt to design your very first gift basket.