How Many Ways Can You Deliver a Gift Basket?

Imagine this: you’ve created the most-beautiful gift basket you’ve ever seen and know that when you arrive at the party, everyone will gasp in awe and envy.

You walk to your car and set the gift basket in the back seat. The basket bottom is flat, but the masterpiece wobbles and may not stay stable during the 20-minute trip. What will you do to keep the gift basket in place?

The options include:

  • Snap the seat belt around it and hope it gets there in one piece.
  • Put on your hazard blinkers and drive slowly even on the highway.
  • Drive at your regular speed, and when you get to a bump, pray.

Transporting gift baskets from point A to B can be a precarious situation if you don’t treat your custom-made gift basket as precious cargo.

That’s what happened to me in 1995 on my first trip to The Food Network to display New Year’s Day gift baskets on live television. My baskets weren’t secured properly, but thankfully, everything that became dislodged and disheveled during the 30-minute ride to New York City was fixable.

I think about that eventful ride every time I read Delivery Methods, which is Chapter 8 of the gift basket book. That’s the chapter where I explain each type of scenario you will encounter when handling deliveries or paying a service to ship it for you and how to solve each problem before it occurs.

When you deliver your first gift basket, how do you plan to get that work of art to its destination without problems, hassles, or prayer?