Baskets Filled with Foods or Gifts?

Which type of gift baskets would you make if you only had one choice: baskets filled with foods or baskets filled with gifts?

This is a real-life problem that some aspiring designers face which is why Chapter 4 of the book (the chapter is Selecting Your Inventory) is very important to understand before buying anything.

1. Some designers decide to differentiate themselves by creating baskets with items that are remembered, not eaten.

2. Some U.S. states don’t allow the making of gift baskets with food if you are working in a home-based environment.

3. Budgets can be strained when deciding to make both types of baskets, so just one type is chosen until a budget can accommodate both.

I began my gift basket business making baskets with all gifts. I was wary of the home-based food laws in my city and didn’t want to be fined in case a neighbor reported me. I also believed that customers receiving gift items would treasure each product.

That did happen, but when I was booked to appear on The Food Network, foods had to be included. By then (that was five years after starting my business), I knew the town’s laws and was confident about the inclusion of snacks, dips, and other goodies.

Which type of gift basket would you make if you had just one choice?