Where, Outside of Home, Can You Make Gift Baskets?

You may find, as you prepare to include the making of gift baskets as part of your life, that you simply don’t have room to set up a dedicated space.

Here are some reasons:

  • Your home occupies every single inch of space
  • You have no garage, basement, or attic
  • Apartment rules prohibit any type of business
  • You have a current hobby or business set up in the home
  • The state in which you live does not allow home-based businesses

These are all valid points that aspiring designers face when deciding to add gift basket making to their lives.

It’s such a point of concern that Chapter 3 of the gift basket book, entitled Home Office and Workspace Setup and Structure, is dedicated to finding space and setting up your studio.

If finding the perfect space for gift basket making is a dilemma you’re facing or may soon face, there’s good news.

I’ve just completed a gift basket workshop in Washington, DC, where some students voiced this concern.

We discussed this situation, and I suggested some alternatives including asking friends to help them uncover facilities where their gift basket products and supplies can be stored and they can create their masterpieces.

We then went through the process of who to ask for help and how to ask, and the blueprint will be added to the Golden Basket Club this week.

If you’re unable to set up your gift basket workshop at home, where have you found suitable arrangements outside of your home to start your fantastic venture?