How Do You Tell People About Your Gift Baskets?

To answer this topic’s question, I can almost hear you saying “Word of mouth!” as the first preference to alert people, which is why that type of promotion is mentioned on page 158 in the gift basket book.

That chapter, entitled Advertising and Promotion, explains the difference between advertising and marketing, and it also suggests several other ways to spread the news about your gorgeous designs.

Displaying my gift baskets at a street fair was my introduction to letting the public know what I make. There were lots of passersby who not only commented but also received a business card from me with a lollipop attached as a reminder about the gift baskets.

A woman called to order two weeks after the event, and hearing that she saw my display at the street fair was validation that my time and money were spent wisely.

What’s your preference in letting people know that you make and sell gift baskets? Is word of mouth the only way, or are you paying for magazine and newspaper ads?