How Long Does it Take to Make a Gift Basket?

Designing gift baskets looks easy, doesn’t it? All you have to do is:

  • Choose the items
  • Put them in
  • Wrap it up

I knew it would take more than that to create a masterpiece that everyone wants to buy, so learning the steps to create a beautifully-styled gift basket was a huge goal for me.

How huge?

My first try at making a gift basket lasted about 55 minutes!

I couldn’t stop fussing over that gift.

Every time I walked away, I returned 10 minutes later to fix this and change that. The need for perfection took over my sense of styling, and at the same time, I knew that my second, third, and other gift baskets to come would not take as much time to create.

Remembering how long it took to make that first gift basket is the reason I share a step-by-step tutorial in Chapter 5 of the book, titled Gift Basket Design Tips and Techniques. I’d never seen a tutorial before creating it and knew that such a blueprint would help you master the technique in less time.

With practice, gift basket creation takes an average 7-10 minutes. That’s much better than the 55 minutes my first creation took.

What do you think about the book’s tutorial? Which steps are most helpful, and which ones need additional information to help you succeed?