Five Ways to Get Lots of People Looking at Your Gift Baskets

When you get gift basket fever, you want everyone you know and anyone you don’t know to see your beautiful creations.


Because you want people to see each masterpiece and buy what you create on a part-time or full-time basis.

If you create gift baskets at home, no one will see them unless your home is open to the public, and that’s probably not the case.

So how can you show off your gift baskets? Here are five ideas.

1. Participate in an auction, whether a tricky tray or event that raises money for a cause.

2. Let your local library showcase it as part of their summer reading program.

3. Create one for the animal shelter to bring awareness to family-less pets.

4. Present one as part of a ceremony at your house of worship.

5. Bring one to a party to present to the hostess in appreciation for the invitation.

Your mission is to find out where people are gathering so that you can bring a gift basket with you. Everyone will talk about your stunning creation, ask for a business card, and want you to make one for their own event.

You’ll find many more ideas in Chapter 7 (Advertising and Promotion) of the book, including a story about how I showed gift baskets on The Food Network and other popular television stations.

Which of the five ways is the one that will bring attention to your gorgeous gift baskets?