Gift Basket Checklists Make Starting a Business Smooth and Easy

One part of the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, that I am very happy to include is the checklists offered to you at the end of each chapter.

Each list provides you with a summary of each chapter and steps to accomplish as you prepare to start a business or hobby.

For example, here’s a summary of Chapter one’s checklist:

    1. Complete the Potential Buyers’ Chart to identify who will buy your gift baskets.

    2. Decide who, within the five major buying groups, is your main target and why.

    3. List nonprofit and private organizations in your area for sponsorships and collaborations.

    4. Ask potential customers what types of gift items and snacks they prefer in baskets.

    5. Decide how you will stay in touch with customers when the sale is completed.

Reviewing and completing the checklists helps you to easily finish each task and move forward smoothly and confidently to start and maintain your creative business.

Read the contents of each chapter on this page, and you can also order a copy of the book there, too, autographed to you from me.


  1. This is a terrific book. Whether you are just starting, or even if you have been in business already but realize you may not have a firm foundation to build on, this book is packed full of useful, practical, expert advice. A valuable tool to start , grow and increase your business. A wise investment, that I highly recommend.
    Dana Sonia- Owner, Gift Baskers by Your Design

  2. Dana,

    I appreciate your comments and know that potential gift basket designers who aren’t sure where to start will be encouraged by your words!

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