How Far Will You Go to Get a Picture of Someone Else’s Gift Basket?

Years ago, while vacationing at a hotel, I saw a gift basket sitting atop the registration desk promoting their welcome gift baskets.

Unfortunately, that basket wasn’t attractive. It needed lots of help in terms of contents and appearance.

I asked the person at the desk if I could take a picture of the gift basket, and she agreed. I knew she’d agree because it wasn’t her personal property.

But what if it was her basket or one you created? Would you let a person photograph it, or would you become suspicious as to why it’s being photographed?

We’re always searching for ideas to make our gift baskets, and that’s why lots of us like take pictures of gift baskets made by other people. Some of those people are considered as competition because they’re in our town, and we like to photograph what else people might buy.

Competition is talked about extensively in chapter 10 of the gift basket book. This is an important topic whether you’re making gift baskets for fun or profit. Why? You always want to have references on what other people’s gift baskets look like, and photographs are the best way to do that.

There are, however, caveats to getting pictures of other people’s gift baskets:

  • You can take a picture if a gift basket is sitting somewhere seemingly without ownership.
  • You cannot take a picture if the gift basket is within a store or similar facility.

Where’s the hot spot in your town (gift shop, supermarket, etc.) where you want to take pictures of gift baskets but aren’t sure if you can?