3 Things You Must Know Before You Start Making Gift Baskets

You make gift baskets as a hobby. It’s something you enjoy doing for family and friends during special occasions, an art form that shows off your creative expertise and makes people say wow when it’s presented.

Gift baskets may also be your business. In this case, it’s something you do every day to generate income that allows you to take exotic vacations, put your children through school, and buy that house you want so badly.

Thankfully, people just like you participate in making gift baskets to satisfy either goal. No matter which side of the gift basket-making equation you’re on, there are three things you must know before you start creating these beautiful bundles of joy.

You absolutely, positively must:

1. Know where to buy products and supplies.
You’re so excited about getting busy with gift baskets, but then you go to places with either the cheapest items (and so your gift basket looks cheap) or super-expensive products (so you spend more money than you anticipated).

Get to know where in your area gift basket products and supplies can be found. Options include supermarkets, specialty stores, popular retailers or, if you’re making gift baskets for profit, you must find places that sell items at wholesale prices. Do your research so you know where to go.

2. Choose products that the person who’s getting the basket wants, not products you like. I remember receiving a gift from a family member, and it was so not to my liking that I could not hide it on my face. You don’t want to see that type of expression on the face of the person receiving your gift basket.

Find out if they like foods, snacks, and treats that are savory, salty, sweet, or sour. Learn which colors they prefer and if they have allergies or require Kosher products. Selecting items according to what they enjoy eating will produce a big smile on their face.

3. Have a place to store supplies and leftovers. Your family will not be happy to hop and skip over your gift basket items as they walk into the house. That can be a real problem, and if you’re married, it can be a source of contention with your spouse.

Not having a storage area can also be a problem if you live alone. Seeing food products waiting to be placed into gift baskets may tempt you to eat them, increasing your weight. Also, a home that’s disorganized is a home you may not want to come home to.

A Plan of Action, which is part of Chapter 2 in the gift basket book, identifies all of the problems that happened to me when I started making gift baskets and how I took action to know where I was going with my creativity before it took over my house and used more money than anticipated.

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