Why It’s Important to Create a Gift Basket Website

You can sell gift baskets on your very own website whether gift baskets are your business or hobby.

Yes, it’s true. When you tell friends and family members about your gift baskets, they will ask questions and want to see what you create. That’s when having pictures of your gift baskets online will help them and help you, too.

When I began selling gift baskets online, the price for having a website was much more than it is now.

Back then it was $100 a month to maintain a site. Today, it might cost you $60 a year. What a difference!

Creating a gift basket website can also be done free of charge if you create a site through Blogger or another free hosting service. But be careful; free hosts can delete your website whenever they wish, and then you have to start all over again which can be very difficult if you don’t have the pictures and words stored on your computer.

Chapters 2 and 7 of the gift basket book go into extensive detail on setting up your website, what you need to start, and how to determine what’s necessary to get people buying. Chapter 7 also outlines which social media sites are great for talking about your baskets in a way that gets people wanting to buy. Click on this link to order your copy.


  1. When I first started I knew that I wanted to be online only, after building my website myself. I paid go daddy to do it for me. I get a lot of your website looks beautiful from distributors who visit. The best investment I could make. Its expensive being that is 100 a month with all the maintenance and everything that comes with it well worth it.

  2. Hi Tia (and my apologies for the tardy response),

    Having your investment pay off is the bottom line, and I’m glad that’s happening for you.

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