Where are Gift Baskets Made in Your Home?

An ironing board in a spare bedroom.

That’s where I started my gift basket-making venture.

Today, 20 years later, that ironing board is still in the same place, but it’s back to being the horizontal top where creases are removed from clothes.

You must be very careful when choosing your at-home design studio because:

  • If you live with family, it’s important to separate the work space from the home space for their peace of mind and your own.
  • A dedicated place for gift basket making encourages you to create them often and experiment with your signature style.
  • A separate work space must be maintained if gift baskets become your full-time, profit-making business.

Not sure where in your home is the space that’s best suited to set up your gift basket shop? Chapter 3 in the How to Start book entitled Home Office and Workspace Setup and Structure provides ideas that will guide you in making the best decision the first time.

Where at home will you get creative?