How Do You Get Customers to Buy Again?

It’s a great feeling to have someone agree to buy your custom-made gift basket.

At that moment, you feel as though you’ve reached the top of a mountain even if you haven’t been climbing for long.

Other events will happen in that customer’s life as the months progress. How will you get that same person to return for additional gift baskets?

Experienced designers don’t have much trouble in this area. They have a well-oiled marketing machine in place that brings customers back again and again. How can you achieve the same?

Choose one of the following to answer the above question.

A. Hope and pray it’ll work
B. Always market and promote
C. Have faith and optimism

If you answered B, you’re on track. Getting customers to buy again is the topic in Advertising and Promotion, which is Chapter 7 of the gift basket book.

There are many ways, both online and offline, to spread the news about your gift baskets to both new customers and current ones, too. Let the book be your guide, and you’ll generate lots of buzz and repeat orders to keep your hands in the shred for a long time.