Who is Your True Gift Basket Competition?

My favorite wholesale warehouse is selling lots of holiday gift baskets both in the walk-in club and through the newsletter sent by email.

It’s wonderful to see all types of gift baskets available, which tells you three things:

  • They’re a big money maker for the club
  • Buyers will consider purchasing them again
  • You can use some Ideas for your own baskets

Warehouse clubs are sometimes seen as competitors to us, but I don’t think that’s true. What is true is that lots of people buy gift baskets from this source, but not everyone does because many people aren’t club members.

In addition, there are people who like customizations that club gift baskets can’t offer. That and more is what’s different and wonderful about what you make and what they sell.

Chapter 10 of the gift basket book, entitled Competition, talks extensively about this topic — who the competition is and who it’s not. Once you read that chapter or listen to the audio version, you’ll recognize the real competition versus others who happen to sell gift baskets.