Why Checklists are an Important Part of Making Gift Baskets

How helpful do you find checklists to be for making gift baskets?

Most gift basket designers put checklists in their indispensable category. They say that using checklists as a guide to gathering all the tools and supplies necessary before making gift baskets is the first step before doing anything else.

That’s how they know if everything is available.

What is a checklist? It’s similar to a supermarket list. You write down the tasks to be completed and supplies to make sure are in your workspace before making gift baskets. As you check each supply or task, you place a check mark next to the task when it’s done. You can also draw a line through the task.

Checklists ensure that you:

  • Create a great gift basket with all the colors chosen for the person receiving the basket.
  • Don’t go out at the end of the day to buy something you thought you had.
  • Have a box for shipping or bag for carrying the basket to its destination.

Checklists are found at the end of every chapter of the gift basket book. Every week I receive either a letter or email from aspiring or current designers who’ve purchased the book telling me that the checklists are beneficial to their success.

Each checklist is created according to what I experienced over 20 years of gift basket designing and selling. They keep me on track, ensuring that I have shred, gifts, foods, and other items for special occasions and holiday giving.

Why reinvent the wheel when checklists are available for you in the gift basket book? You can click here to order your copy, and with it you’ll receive catalogs and other materials to get you started in this creative industry.