How to Get into Gift Baskets in 2012

Are you searching for ways to make your gift baskets glamorous so everyone wants one whether you charge for them or give them away?

Well, search no longer. Here’s what I think about to make more-creative gift baskets.

1. Learn new bowmaking styles.

2. Find unique enhancements.

3. Use containers rather than baskets.

4. Create designs for occasions I’ve overlooked.

5. Look at gift baskets offered in shops and stores.

6. Check out gift baskets offered by online companies.

7. Think about trends in the community for gift basket making.

8. Make an over-the-top spa basket.

9. Gather together all types of high-end chocolates and cocoas.

10. Go organic with an earth-friendly design.

The Gift Basket Design Book, which is the colorful companion to the gift basket book, is filled with great pictures, stories, and ideas to duplicate and make better on your own because each design will be inspired by your imagination.

Which of these 10 gift basket designs is the first on your list to try in 2012?