How Important are Forms to Organize Your Gift Basket Business?

Keeping things in order is a task that you were introduced to early in life.

At an young age, you were instructed to keep your room tidy by making up your bed and placing toys in a toy box.

Today, staying organized goes beyond those tasks. It’s as easy as putting utensils within a pre-set tray and as involved as deciding where items will be positioned in an entire room.

The forms you choose for a gift basket business are critical to operate your enterprise, and it is an enterprise whether you make gift baskets part time or full time.

Forms save time. Here are some examples.

  • An order form lets you document who wants what, how it will arrive, and how much it will cost.
  • An inventory form shows you what products and supplies are available to make a gift basket.
  • A customer profile form helps you recognize the type of people who buy often so you find more of the same people.

These three forms, and more, are included in the gift basket book, which you can order here. Such forms didn’t exist when I started making gift baskets. Until I created these forms, I wasted lots of time staying on track. Now there’s more time for marketing and meeting potential customers. I bet these forms will also help your gift basket business stay organized.

Which form is most helpful to you today? What form don’t you have that you can use right now?