How This Gift Basket Book is Similar to Preparing a Great Meal

When I’m in the kitchen making a stew, the collection of delicious ingredients simmering together in one pot reminds me of a gift basket.

There’s a wonderful collection of goodies and gifts arranged in the basket or container that, like a stew, you can’t wait to try, sample, and enjoy, and that’s true whether you’re giving a gift basket or receiving one.

I recently found photographs of basket designs I made early in my career and was reminded of the excitement felt when creating a baby basket with clothing, bath items, a silver bank, grooming tools, and other accessories for a wonderful bonding experience between parents and the newborn.

While the baby basket might not remind you of a stew, it’s certainly a great collection every parent would adore and appreciate.

This is the way you’ll feel, too, when learning all about gift baskets through the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business. Since 1997 and now in its fifth edition, it’s the industry’s top selling book and mentor to aspiring designers worldwide.

If your birthday, Mother’s Day, or another special day in your life is just around the corner, this book may be your perfect gift, so click here and share this link with the person you choose to purchase the book for you.

I’ll even gift wrap it before it’s autographed if the request for gift wrapping is added in the comment section within the order.

When you receive the book, you’ll soon start creating your own collections that remind you of stew or other multi-ingredient meals.