Tips to Sell Gift Baskets to Retail Stores

Do you realize that when you start making gift baskets, you can immediately start selling them to other companies for resale?

That’s right. You don’t have to make them just for individuals. Lots of companies are willing to sell them if you make what their customers will buy.

You’ll find this tip in Who Buys Gift Baskets?, which is Chapter 1 in the gift basket book. Not only will you learn who will buy your gift baskets, you’ll also go to the head of the class to learn which types of companies buy gift baskets for their customers as introduction and appreciation gifts.

I didn’t position my gift baskets in this manner when first entering the business. My mind went straight to making gift baskets for individuals. It was when I realized that individuals give me access to their employers, which encourages corporate orders, that my target marketing focused on the bigger picture.

After achieving that mission, I turned my attention to resale gift baskets. That’s where companies will buy your pre-made gift baskets to stock on their store shelves to sell to customers who walk in, select, and purchase.

Incredible opportunities are available when you see the big picture, and if resale is part of your planning, the gift basket book, which you can order through this link, provides the jump start to succeed.