What Makes Your Gift Baskets Stand Out?

Maybe it’s the way you make the bow, or perhaps it’s the tissue paper lined so perfectly around the inner basket.

There’s something about the way you make gift baskets that acts as your trademark so every time a person sees your design, they say, “(Your name) made that!

People love giving and receiving gift baskets made by you because of the unique touches or design flair. It’s a point of pride for you and them.

Chapter 3 of the gift basket book includes a section called Projecting Your Best Professional Image. It lists items and supplies required for a sound image when sending out marketing literature, but there’s another twist. The right image is needed to get people to stand up and notice your gorgeous creations.

Mentioned above are two ways to create a distinct gift basket look. Here are more:

  • Designing with a certain type of basket or container
  • Placing balloons or another enhancement atop each design
  • Choosing a color or pattern for your delivery bags or boxes
  • Creating a logo that’s placed on business cards and other materials

What’s your unique way of getting your gift baskets noticed?