Where Do You Sell Your Gift Baskets?

A street fair in Newark, New Jersey, was my launch to showing gift baskets to the public.

That weekend event cost me $60 which I considered a low investment to introduce my business.

I was lucky. It could have rained, and I might have been surrounded by other businesses playing loud music. But neither happened, and I was able to speak with potential buyers on two sun-filled August days.

No one bought that day. However, there was plenty of interest, and I distributed lots of business cards and lollipops customized with my name and phone number.

Orders began arriving by phone soon after the event from people who met me and kept my card.

Today, you have many more options outside of street fairs to display your gift baskets, especially if you’re ready to sell to corporations. Chapter 7 of the gift basket book, which is all about advertising and promotion, reveals numerous opportunities to get people interested in what you make.

I know the first three places where I’d show off my gift baskets in today’s environment. Where would you start?