Who Created the Logo that Represents Your Gift Basket Business?

A great-looking logo superbly represents your gift baskets whether you make them part time or full time.

The image tells a story that either gets people excited about buying from you, or it shows that your gift baskets are just okay and not anything special.

I made my first logo using the Paint accessory that’s available in every Windows-based computer. It was okay but not a spectacular moniker for my business. After a year I was tired of the amateurish representation and contracted a professional to create my logo which now sits atop the GiftBasketBusiness.com website and on my business cards.

Getting a professional to handle the job is one of the best investments I’ve made to enhance my reputation, and that’s why I encourage you, in Chapter three of the gift basket book, to also consider having a logo made that represents your business.

Within the chapter, titled Projecting Your Best Professional Image, you’ll find a list of online companies where the pros will bid on your logo project and create something very special just for you.

There may also be a graphic designer in your family who is willing to take on the project.

When do you plan to take your business up a notch through the creation of a professionally-styled logo?