Why Growing Big or Staying Small with Gift Baskets is the Right Choice

When you make gift baskets, you’ll find many opportunities to showcase them, especially in places you didn’t consider when first thinking about this dynamic bundle of goodies.

If you love pets and make pet clothing or accessories, those items can be made into a pet gift basket shown for sale at a street fair. The same is true if you have friends or family members who make pet, jewelry, or baby items.

Today, I went to Book Expo America in New York City where publishers, authors, and anyone who loves books gathers. One publisher displayed a huge gift basket contained in a trunk that was to be given away to the person whose business card is picked from a fish bowl. That’s another way that gift baskets are shown in another industry’s arena.

Ideas such as this are included in Chapter 12 of the gift basket book which is entitled “Growth Opportunities.” The beauty of gift baskets (outside of its visual appearance) is that you can stay as small as you wish or grow as large as you want. If growing your gift basket business from small to large is your choice, Chapter 12 is for you.

Where else can you think of to showcase your gift baskets that contain specialty items?