Why Electronic Newsletters Complement Your Gift Baskets

There are many ways to keep customers interested in your gift baskets, and the best ways are the ones that don’t seem pushy about what you offer.

Electronic newsletters fit into this category.

You’ve heard this term which is also known as an e-newsletter or ezine, and at this point you receive at least one ezine subscription in your email box (the main way it’s distributed) from a company or organization.

This type of newsletter is one that’s wise for you to consider offering to your prospects and customers, and here’s why. You:

1. Start and grow a private and coveted email list of people interested in your message.
2. Distribute information on a regular schedule with interesting stories tied to your gift baskets.
3. Provide readers with pictures, details, and special occasion ideas whenever necessary.

You’ll find more information on how to structure your newsletter in chapter 11 (Keeping Customers for Life) of the gift basket book.

Having your own mailing list to connect with at any time through your own electronic newsletter gives your readers something to look forward to receiving and reading. As the readership grows, you’ll find that sales will, too.

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