What’s on your Holiday Gift Basket Shopping List?

by Shirley George Frazier

Retail stores hastily bring summer to an end by placing Halloween and Christmas merchandise on their shelves by mid-summer.

I didn’t realize this until my mom, an astute shopper, pointed out products we were about to pass while in a popular store.

Witches already?” she asked in a “don’t hurry the season” tone.

But there it was. Witches, goblins, cauldrons, and caskets end to end in the store aisle while the 96-degree temperature outside baked the population.

You may not want to see late-year merchandise right now. However, if you want to put smiles on people’s faces, it’s time to buy holiday merchandise now to get:

  • as much quantity you need
  • the best product selection
  • done with buying and start getting creative

A Shopping List for Success is one of the subtopics in the chapter titled Selecting Your Inventory, which is chapter 4 of the gift basket book. It covers everything to consider as part of your baskets-to-bows list to make sure that when you start making holiday gift baskets, all products and supplies are available in your design studio.

How many times last year did you:

  • run out to the store to get cellophane or shred?
  • not have enough enhancements because you forgot to buy it?
  • put buying those pretty teacups on the back burner hoping you’d finally get to it?

Make a list today so all is in place for gift basket making tomorrow. Then buy the things on your list before all the good and plentiful merchandise is gone.

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