What It Takes to Recognize that Gift Baskets are Your Calling

Sometimes you get real frustrated with life.

You don’t know which way to turn or what you’re here to do. You start searching for that one true goal, that mission you know you were born to accomplish.

You hope to find the answer on the pages of a magazine, or perhaps the answer is shown on a billboard while you drive or on a building you walk by. Then, when you stop searching, the answer appears, and you learn everything possible about that one thing you’ll share with the world.

That’s what happened to me as I finally discovered that the gift basket industry was my calling.

In 13 years of working for many employers, I knew that each one of those places were jobs. There was no possibility of advancement, so I treated every job as a training facility where I combed through their library materials, read business magazines before the subscriber received it, and visited local libraries during my lunch hour for more insight and inspiration.

Finding the gift basket world occurred in my own home rather than where I was employed. It took another two years of working at temporary jobs before the gift basket income allowed me to stop working for others, and in that time I continued to learn, discover, and build my business.

The first day I sat in my own chair at my business was the first time I knew that space was the right fit and I’d found my calling. Today, after writing three books, appearing on numerous television shows, and speaking at countless events, I realize that everything I went through was worth every painstaking moment.

If you or someone you love recognizes gift baskets as a passion, immerse yourself in both the business and design sides. You’ll need both to spread joy in the hearts of those who receive your gifts and earn a healthy income that rewards your talents.

Gift baskets are all about you, how you see your life, and how you reap the rewards that making gift baskets brings every day.

Click this link to hear an excerpt from the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business.