What You Need to Market Gift Baskets

Once you know how to create beautiful gift basket designs for every occasion, that part of owning a gift basket business is duplicated for other types of designs you make in the future.

The same is true to market your gift baskets to customers who already believe in what you create and prospects who are considering buying.

Marketing is the key ingredient to make money in this business and every business worldwide. It’s a process that cannot be done one day or one week and then stopped because you hope past marketing will still work today. It won’t.

You need a schedule that determines how, when, and where to market. That schedule includes any of the following:

  • Articles published on your own website, blog, Internet article database, or in traditional newspapers or magazines.
  • Videos created that showcase your talent and explain to the audience why your gift baskets are the ones they want.
  • Direct mail marketing that sends anything from postcards to letters to prospects and customers.

There’s a huge chunk of marketing that’s not covered in the above, and you’ll find lots of help in chapters 7 and 11 of the gift basket book.

It’s up to you to decide which type of marketing will effectively reach your target audience. That’s what completes this goal.

Which types of marketing do you find best suited to get interest and sales?