Why Timing is Important When Starting a Gift Basket Business

On a hot summer day in August 1990, I launched my gift basket business while participating at a street fair event.

The tent I purchased to shield my display from the sun was worth the investment, and being positioned away from the loud music, yet alongside the main thoroughfare, was a bonus.

No one bought from me that day, but there was lots of interest.

Deep down I knew that my launch timing was right.

  • I researched the industry for seven months.
  • The 10 designs let everyone see my best work.
  • The upcoming holidays were just months away.

There’s a feeling you get in your gut that tells you it’s time to start marketing your business. After research, buying, and planning, it’s time to test the market in a large arena. There’s no failure during the launch stage. At this point, you receive feedback from potential customers so your next decision targets them better.

That’s what the business plan in chapter 2 in the gift basket book helps you to master. Each part of the plan gets you closer to the launch date. You develop the:

  • Business mission
  • Competitive strategy
  • Financial picture
  • Initial designs
  • Marketing options

This may all sound like heavy duty stuff that you’re not ready to do. However, if you really want to succeed, there’s no one except you who has the passion and commitment to complete these tasks and time it right.

It was okay, I thought as I packed up at the end, that I didn’t make one sale. One month later, one gift basket was ordered, and the sales began rolling in one by one. My sales records show that the timing was right.

How do you plan to time your gift basket business’s launch?