Great Gift Basket Products are Closer Than You Think

The question “Where can I find products for my gift baskets?” is asked every month in my online Start Your Own Gift Basket Business course, and I provide many options as a response.

It’s understandable why everyone wants to know.

You look at gift baskets available for sale from retailers in your area and wonder how you can get all of the same products and still sell gift baskets at a price that makes you money.

If you don’t yet have a business license, you’re limited in places to buy at low costs, but that doesn’t mean there’s not much available.

Think about places where you normally shop and where you go for specialty foods when it’s time to entertain. Turn to those locations first for foods, gifts, and supplies such as baskets, shred, and cellophane or shrink wrap.

Next, consider buying from warehouse clubs that sell all types of goodies. My preferred club sells individually-wrapped biscotti, cookies, cakes, beverages, and lots of gorgeous ribbon.

Finally, go to discount stores that sell a range of merchandise at bargain prices. The only problem buying from them is making sure product packaging isn’t damaged and looking for expiration dates on edible products so you know it’s still fresh.

There are plenty of places to find gift basket products, places you visit every week. Keep an open mind, and let the gift basket book be your guide.