Who Created the Logo that Represents Your Gift Basket Business?

A great-looking logo superbly represents your gift baskets whether you make them part time or full time. The image tells a story that either gets people excited about buying from you, or it shows that your gift baskets are just okay and not anything special. I made my first logo using the Paint accessory that’s […]

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Where Do You Sell Your Gift Baskets?

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A street fair in Newark, New Jersey, was my launch to showing gift baskets to the public. That weekend event cost me $60 which I considered a low investment to introduce my business. I was lucky. It could have rained, and I might have been surrounded by other businesses playing loud music. But neither happened, […]

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Why You’re Not Charging Enough for Your Gift Baskets

If you’re making gift baskets that you plan to sell to other people, how do you make sure you’re making money? That’s the problem I had to figure out when I decided to make gift baskets for profit, and I can tell you in all honesty that I had to fight my own mind to […]

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Gift baskets are not for you if…

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I’ve met many people who’ve purchased the book, How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, and they are thrilled to begin planning what to do first, second, and so on. If you decide to start this type of business, you must first know your strengths, weaknesses, and how much energy you’re willing to sacrifice […]

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What Makes Your Gift Baskets Stand Out?

Maybe it’s the way you make the bow, or perhaps it’s the tissue paper lined so perfectly around the inner basket. There’s something about the way you make gift baskets that acts as your trademark so every time a person sees your design, they say, “(Your name) made that!” People love giving and receiving gift […]

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